Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC)

  • Purpose:

    1. To obtain parental input into the decision-making process, current issues, programming,
         and parental involvement in special education.

    2. To provide a communication link between member district parents and special education

    3. To advocate for high quality regular and special education programs.


    The committee is limited to members and includes representatives from parents in Freshwater member districts and/or if needed, district special education staff. Membership of parents representing a variety of disabilities is encouraged. A representative parent and/or staff person from a non-public school located within the Freshwater member districts also serves on the council.


    The Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC) meets 2 times per year in the fall and spring with special meetings called at the discretion of the Director of Special Education.


    For more information about SEAC please contact:

    Lori Murdock, Director of Special Education