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    Early Childhood Screening

    The early childhood years from birth to the start of kindergarten are an important time of rapid learning and growth.

    Early Childhood Screening is a quick and simple check of how children are doing between the ages of 3 to 4 years.  Early Childhood Screening can identify possible learning or health concerns at an early age so children can get the help they need before starting school.

    Early Childhood Screening or evidence of a comparable screening by a non-school provider (e.g., Head Start, Child & Teen Checkups/EPSDT or a health care provider) is required for entrance in Minnesota's public schools or within 30 days of enrollment into kindergarten. Preschoolers need screening within 90 days of enrollment. Additionally, screening needs to be completed to meet eligibility to receive state scholarships.

     For more information, please call Lisa Wick at 218.629.6082