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Freshwater Education District serves as a collaborative hub for educational advancement across its 13 member school districts.

Our mission is: To increase and improve educational opportunities for all learners.

The district operates with the aim to offer a wide array of educational services and resources that might not be efficiently attainable for each individual district on its own. By pooling resources, expertise, and innovation, Freshwater Education Diestrict provides specialized programs, support services, and initiatives that benefit students, teachers and the broader educational community. 

Through this cooperative approach, the district enables its member schools to access cost-effective solutions, specialized educational programs, professional development opportunities, and other resources that contribute to the overall enhancement of learning experiences. This collaborative effort ensures that each member district receives support tailored to its specific needs while fostering a community where best practices are shared, innovative ideas are cultivated, and educational excellence is continually pursued. 

In essence, Freshwater Education District acts as a unifying force, leveraging collective strengths to provide diverse educational services and opportunities, ultimately striving to empower learners and educators alike within its member school districts. 

The following are services that we can provide:

  • Special Education
  • Area Learning Center (ALC)
  • Earliy Childhood Family Education/School Readiness (ECFE/SR)
  • Adult Basic Education (ABE)
  • Technology
  • Business Office