Eric Weber, Executive Director

Eric Weber

Lori Murdock, Director of Special Education

Lori Murdock
  • These two are our “go to” persons at Freshwater. From a Freshwater member perspective, both Eric and Lori are faces that you may see in your districts, but they are also “behind the scenes” faces as they are constantly working to ensure that our Freshwater programs provide the services that our member districts and families need. They also work hard to make sure that we keep up with new demands from our members.

    Eric has been with Freshwater since 2010.  He has been teaching in the area of special education for the past 20 years.  He is an educational specialist in many disability areas.  Eric began his administrative duties with Freshwater in 2018 acting as the Director of Programs and Evaluations.  In July of 2020, Eric became the Executive Director of Freshwater.  His passion for student accessibility and equitability and his natural ability to build relationships with people make Eric a great fit for Freshwater

    Lori started her career with Freshwater as an ECSE Teacher, advancing to Coordinator and then to her current position of Director of Special Education. She and her staff work hard each day assisting teachers, students and staff so that students with special needs and their families have success in learning. Although Lori misses the direct student contact she had as a teacher, she would tell you that in her current position that the needs of students still come first. What she likes best about being Director of Special Education is the ability to see and hear about all kinds of programming in our districts and around the state that are positively impacting children with special needs and their families.