Mission & Beliefs

  • Beliefs to be included in our system for making decisions:

     Students to

    1. provide instruction based on student’s strengths
    2. treat all students with respect and dignity
    3. inspire students to be lifelong learners
    4. create an environment where students are active learners
    5. promote student independence as they strive to attain their independence

     Organization to

    1. promote incentives and opportunities for continued professional growth for all employees
    2. be proactive and innovative in our planning and implementing
    3. expect accountability and excellence from ourselves
    4. select, employ and retain the highest quality staff
    5. utilize employee’s strengths to best meet individual goals and organizational goals
    6. provide a work climate that enhances and promotes collaboration, communication and teamwork
    7. follow a problem-solving method that actively encourages diverse viewpoints

     Value Statements

         We value our employees demonstrating:

    1. effective communication
    2. integrity
    3. care and support for fellow staff/team members
    4. self-assessment and improvement
    5. consumer services
    6. a child/family-centered approach