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Employee Injury & Workers' Comp

  • Process for reporting Workplace Injuries:
    Workers' Compensation Insurance requires that injuries be reported immediately.

    Failure to do so may result in denied benefits. 

    1. Employeecompletes “Employee Work Injury Report”. Employee should fax/email a copy of the Injury Report to the supervisor and send the original to the Business Office ~ The day of the incident
    2. Supervisor/or assistant completes“Supervisor Report of Injury” online and notifies Business Office of injury and completed Supervisor Report of Injury via email ~ Immediately upon notification of the incident
    3. If injured employee is being seen by physician he/she should take“Report of Workability” at the time of initial visit

    First Report of Injury
    To be filled out by employee the same day of the injury

    Report of Workability
    To be taken by injured employee if being seen by physician

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