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Elm Tree Academy


Elm Tree Academy is a program primarily designed for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (with a low cognitive ability) and students with a Developmental Cognitive Disorder. This program is structured for students with significant challenging behaviors as a result of their cognitive disability and severe social thinking difficulties.

The program uses structured teaching methods and research based interventions to facilitate learning and decrease challenging behaviors. The student will learn how to use a visual schedule, work independently, learn basic self-regulation strategies, and learn basic social thinking strategies to participate as a member of a group. The goal is to implement these interventions consistently and with fidelity so that the student can demonstrate progress and success.

The program has a structured process that will assess student progress/success and coordinate a plan for the student in transitioning back to home community/school district. The goal is for the student to demonstrate success quickly with the highly structured program and utilization of research based interventions.