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Technology Services for Member Districts

Wide Area Network and VLAN Support

  • Freshwater Tech Coordinator supports the current switches and VLANs crucial for the Freshwater Districts to receive their Internet Connectivity.  

  • These switches are on a 6 year rotation in order to keep the most important part of the entire network working without interruption.

  • The Freshwater Tech Coordinator keeps track of bandwidth used in order to assess the need for future bandwidth growth and applies this to each year’s discussion on bandwidth ordered so it is covered by eRate the following year.  At the end of each year, Freshwater uses the bandwidth amount used by Asteria Health collected by the Tech Coordinator to bill them for their share of the cost of the fiber lease.

Technology Collaboration

  • Freshwater provides Tech Support services for the Freshwater Districts that are unable to support a full time Technician.

  • Freshwater Tech Coordinator is also available to support any Freshwater District with unforeseen issues including local Tech vacations, hospitalizations, new hires and job openings.

  • Local Tech Coordinator monthly/quarterly meetings.

  • The Freshwater Tech Coordinator provides a Monthly/Quarterly meeting for local and past Freshwater Techs to meet and share information.  These meetings are used to give support to each district tech on tech issues happening in their schools.  This is also useful for the Freshwater Tech Coordinator to make future decisions on Tech needs for the Freshwater Schools.

  • Tech Support for Fed School Techs

  • The Freshwater Tech Coordinator provides a listserv email address for local and past Freshwater School Techs to ask for support and give support to other District Techs.

eRate assistance and State Telecom reimbursement

  • Freshwater Tech Coordinator compiles information to support requests for a specific amount of bandwidth required to support all of the Freshwater District Schools bandwidth requirements per year.

  • A Freshwater Tech submits and processes all of the Freshwater District's Internet and Fiber leases with the help of an eRate consultant.  State Telecom and eRate reimbursements are then returned to each Freshwater District after covering the cost of each service.